Project Description

AC300W Stage Light Lamp Burner

This type AC300W compatible lamp burner can be used in all of AC300W stage light lamps.

Technical Parameters

Stage Lamp Wick Burner (AC)
Type Wattage (W) Voltage (V) Current (A) illuminance (IX) Arc Size


Lamp Life


AC-180W 65~85 2.5 6500 0.85 3000
AC-200W 67~90 2.7 8000 0.95 3500
AC-250W 67~90 3.3 12000 0.85 3500
AC-275W 70~92 3.3 13000 1.1 3500
AC-330W 70~92 3.9 15000 1.2 3000
AC-350W 70~95 4.1 23000 1 3000
AC-400W 72~95 4.5 30000 1.2 2500
AC-450W 75~95 5.1 35000 1.3 1500
AC-500W 75~95 5.1 39000 1.5 1200

This Item is AC300W compatible lamp burner.

There are the following features:

  1. Good start-up performance.
  2. Competitive price.
  3. Delivery time: within 1-4 days when receive your payment.
  4. Service after sales in time.
  5. 3 months quality warranty from the date you receive lamps.
  6. Burner life: 2000 -3000 hours.
  7. Payment terms: TT, Western Union, Paypal, Credit Card.
  8. Packaging Details: 40 x15x5cm Paper Box with inner sleeve.
  9. Shipping Way: DHL,EMS or other Express you’d like.

Based on our own production line to produce burner, projector lens, stage light beam lamp and replacement Projector lamp, so competitive price, good quality and best service can provide for you.

1.Compatible projector lamp for you

-Compatible bare projector bulb / replacement projector lamp  (CB)

-Compatible projector lamp with housing(CWH)

2.All of original projector lamp are provided for you. (UHP/P-VIP/SHP.,etc)

-Original projector bulb / original bare projector lamp (OB)

-Original projector lamp with housing/ original projector bulb with housing  (OWH)

-Original projector lamp module

3.AC150-450W and DC200W-300W burners are provided for you to make you have more choices ans satisfy .

Original projector lamp burner,

-Osram P-VIP burner, NSHA burner and SHP AC and DC burner

Compatible projector lamp burner produced by us.

-AC150W, AC200W, AC250W,AC300W, AC330W,AC350W,AC400W,AC450W


4.Stage Light Beam Lamp

2R 120W,5R 200W, 7R 230W, 10R 280W, 15R 300W, 16R 330W, 17R 350W,20R 440W

5. Projector Accessories

6.Stage Light Beam Lamp Burner

7.Compatible Projector Lens