Where to Find Replacement Projector Bulbs?

Where to Find Replacement Projector Bulbs

There are a lot of projector bulbs for cash that contain mercury and mercury is a substance that can be harmful to humans, particularly in large quantities. It implies that it will not be possible for you to remove and throw away used lamps into the trash. Rather, it will be an excellent idea to send them to a specialized recycling organization.

What do Projector Bulbs do?

The lcd projector bulbs help to transfer images and video onto large screen and surfaces within multimedia projectors. There are many organisations that rely on these parts daily as it is in this way that they can display items like PowerPoint slides and play videos to large audiences. Without the lcd projector bulbs your projector cannot function and it is for this reason that that they form a vital component. The projector bulb is the only part of the projector that will need to be replaced.

There are three places where you can go in for Projector Bulbs recycling.

  • Get in touch with a local office supply store and inquire from them if they have in place an old projector bulb recycling There are many offices that are going green and will recycle the bulbs at no cost to you.
  • Go online to find the nearest bulb recycling facility for your bulbs. You can ship your bulbs to online websites, if you cannot find a recycling center using any of these options free of charge and they will recycle your bulbs for you.
  • You can also take your projector light bulbs recycling to a collection point. It will be from here that the lamps are returned to a processing plant for crushing.

You Can Make a Difference

When you opt for the Projector Bulbs recycling method, it is the right thing to do! It has been rightly said that every little bit counts and keeping hazardous waste out of our landfills is a big step towards a sustainable world.

Going in for the lamp, battery, ballast and even for the electronics recycling program is a simple and practical way to “green” your organization.


Packing Tips For Your Projector Lamp

  • If it is possible, pack your lamp in the original box packaging.
  • In a sturdy corrugated cardboard box you can pack your bulb if the original box is not available.
  • The packing filler, bubble wrap and even the newspaper helps to protect the bulb.

So, do your bit to save the environment and then find a reliable replacement projector lamp.

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